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Get ready for our new fitness center coming to Malta, NY.  This Sunday, Feb. 1st, come into our location at 43 Round Lake Road and see the changes we've made!

Healthy Hart Fitness, LLC. is a successful training business based in Upstate New York founded by Steve Hart. HHF provides personal training and fitness programs to adults of all ages, teens, and adolescents – along with athletes and others who are interested in optimizing their health and fitness. Our optimism for positive change, exceptional energy, and our enthusiasm for work spurs others toward reaching their goals. The philosophy: Don't Waste a Day, captures Steve Hart's belief that hard work and optimism, partnered with developing strength and confidence, lead to success. Under his leadership, Healthy Hart Fitness has a well-developed team that understands the energy, focus and perseverance it takes to face challenges and accomplish one's personal best.


The strength training workouts have helped our athletes immensely. The technique is cutting edge and enhanced tenfold by their passion and charisma!

via Frank Poplizio


Athletic Training

Our programs are personalized for each specific individual or group based on their specified sport. Our programs aim to push each athlete to their limits to maximize their fitness potential

Functional Training

Our specifically designed functional strength training routines utilize your natural movement and improve your ability to complete daily activities

Fitness Challenges

Join the fun of our highly successful Ultimate Weight loss Challenge, boot camps or other competitive programs that provide proven results

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Name: Steve Hart, founder
Email address: stevehart1968@gmail.com
Address: 43 Round Lake Road, Malta, NY