Owner, Trainer

I am certified personal trainer with over 15 years of experience, Shenendehowa school guidance counselor, and co-owner of Healthy Hart Fitness, LLC.

I am very excited about the opening of our first fitness center and the healthy impact I envision it having on the local community. My passion for health and wellness goes back to my time as a Division 1 wrestling athlete for Syracuse University.   I loved my sport and had a strong interest in training. I received my first certification in strength and conditioning at SU and I took courses in nutrition and anatomy.

After my undergrad, I went on for my masters in guidance counseling, I’ve since been at Shen over 13 years. I used to be an assistant coach for the Shen varsity wrestling team, while also personal training a few clients.   When I decided to step away from coaching as my family grew, I took on more clients at that point and the business began to grow.

With training, I’ve found that my counseling and personal coaching experience are a great combination.

Don’t waste a day!


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